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Fasteners Manufacturing Process

The Four Steps in Fastener Manufacturing:

The stages consist of complex technical processes designed to accomplish specific results. However, we shall briefly describe each option:
  1. Heat treatment is a method used to improve the overall durability of a fastener. Heat treatment consists of two operations:
    • Hardening: The fasteners are heated to a high temperature (about 1652 °F) and then immersed in a cooling medium (usually water). This quick temperature fluctuation hardens the fastener material.
    • Tempering: This technique decreases the fastener's excess hardness or brittleness. The metal is heated to a temperature below its critical point, and the fastener is allowed to cool naturally.

  2. Surface Finishing: This procedure involves processes that modify the surface of the fastener. It is done to improve its functionality as well as its visual appeal. Surface finishing can include the following:
    • Knurling: A lathe is used to cut metal into a cross, inclined, or straight lines.
    • Burnishing/Reaming: A tool is passed in a sliding motion along the body of the fastener. This action improves the appearance of the fastener's surface polish.
    • Grinding: A grinder eliminates any defects from the fastener, resulting in a flat, smooth, or even reflective surface.

  3. Thread Forming and Rolling: Many applications require threaded fasteners. Thread shaping or cutting is used to create threads within or outside a fastener. Thread rolling procedures are carried out using thread rolling dies, which produce different thread diameters on a component without removing material. The die is positioned against the region where threading is required. The fastener is moved in a circular motion, allowing the die to make flawless threads at specific points around the body.

  4. Protective Coating: The final step is to apply a protective coating to the fastener. This prevents rust or corrosion of the fasteners and can vary its look by adding color.

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